What does the Domain group "Offer Remote Assistance Helpers" do?

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I'd like a clear explanation on what the "Offer Remote Assistance Helpers" Domain Local group found in the "Users" container does?  Does it only control who is allowed to offer remote assistance to the domain contollers?

What I'm really after is... does this group impact domain-wide behavior?  Or is it specific to DCs?  I have a feeling it's the latter...

I would think the only member of this group should be Domain Admins.
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That group controls who is allowed to offer help to computers in your domain not  just dc.
Domain wide behavior as you have active directory domain services.

You can get more relevant info here

Unsolicited RA. In Unsolicited RA (also known as Offer RA) the Helper offers help to the User by initiating the RA session.


So what's the point of the Office Remote Assistance Helpers local group found on every machine?  It sounds to me like a user would need to be a member of both the domain group AND the local group in order for RA to work properly.

I've reviewed the guide regarding configuring Remote Assistance with Group Policy and it doesn't reference adding any members to the domain group.  It references only adding users to the local group found on any machines to be controlled.

So I'm a bit confused by the conflicting information.

Any further help is appreciated.  Thanks for your reply!
Local group controls only for that machine. Where as domain group will allow you to control over all the machines in the network.

Why don't you test it out.

I have tested it out and have confirmed my comments above.  Whether or not this is specific to my environment I can't say, I only have one domain to test with.

The membership of the Offer Remote Assistance Helpers group on my Domain Controllers controls ONLY those allowed to offer help to Domain Controllers.  Its membership has absolutely no impact on any of my domain member workstations or servers.

The membership of the local group found on all workstations of the same name affects only those workstations.


Discovered my own solution.  The answers received conflict with the results of my own testing.

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