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How do you change accelerator in a MFC SDI program

artwilkes used Ask the Experts™
How can you change accelerator in a MFC SDI program.
I'm trying to use the following code.  But there is all ready an acceserator designated and the functions fails.  How do I invalidate the previous accelerator.
Or How do I call a new one?
void CMainFrame::SetAcceleratorMode(int nID)


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Hi artwilkes,

a MFC application with a main frame usually loads its accelerator table from IDR_MAINFRAME resource. Is there a reason why you need to load another one?

It's not recommended to load another accelerator table, therefore the LoadAccelTable ASSERTs.

If you really need it in a SDI application it should be possible to use this:
void CMainFrame::SetAcceleratorMode(int nID)
 m_hAccelTable = NULL;

But never use this in MDI application or in case you anyhow implement multiple document types!

Hope that helps,



Worked Great