How to change the Chrome Icon in Windows XP Taskbar

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I'd like to change the Chrome icon in the Windows XP Taskbar. I can do it for Mozilla but am having issues with Chrome. Is this possible ?

I have multiple instances of Chrome & want to indentify them by separate icons on the taskbar in Xp.

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Chrome works differently than Firefox. Basically, every tab is run as its own process, making it a separate "instance" from every other tab, even those in the same window.

So if you have 2 windows with 3 tabs each, you really have 6 separate processes of Chrome running, although you only see two "instances" on the taskbar.

I don't know how exactly you're changing the icon on the instance for Firefox, since this isn't a standard Windows option/feature, but I'm guessing it's because of this difference between Chrome and Firefox that's causing it to not work with Chrome.


Sounds like there is no solution to what I'm looking for given what you've said. Chrome running as a separate instance for each tab.

Is that correct ?

I was trying to find the instructions for FF but couldn't locate it. You just need to add the .ico file to a particular directory under your FF profile. Works like a charm.

No so in Chrome.

Thx for your response.
I think for Firefox, you may have been using multiple profiles and icon packs:

With Chrome, they're testing mutliple profiles on their "Canary" and developer versions of the browser. If you don't mind a little instability, you can try one of those versions now:

Otherwise, this feature will probably be eventually added to a stable update of Chrome in the future.


Thx marsilies.

Will give it a shot & see how it goes.

Thx again.

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