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windows form DrawMode property

I want to display colors in a ComboBox. I found some code that does that. But I must not be implementing it correctly. Part of the text in my combobox is missing.
This image shows the Combobox with the DrawMode set to Normal. This ignores the color code which is listed at the end.
Normal DrawMode
This next image is with the DrawMode property set to OwnerDrawVariable
In the code below what is making the second half of the row text disappear?
Private Sub cboColor_DrawItem(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.DrawItemEventArgs) Handles cboColor.DrawItem
        If e.Index < 0 Then
            Exit Sub
        End If

        ' Get the Color object from the Items list
        Dim CurrentColor As Color = System.Drawing.Color.FromName(Trim(Mid(Me.cboColor.Items(e.Index).ToString, 1, 20))) 'CType(cboColor.Items(e.Index), Color)

        ' get a square using the bounds height
        'Dim SizeRect As Rectangle = New Rectangle(2, e.Bounds.Top + 2, e.Bounds.Width, e.Bounds.Height - 2)
        'Dim SizeRect As Rectangle = New Rectangle(2, e.Bounds.Top + 2, e.Bounds.Width / 2, e.Bounds.Height - 2)
        Dim SizeRect As Rectangle = New Rectangle(2, e.Bounds.Top + 2, 10, 10)
        Dim ComboBrush As Brush

        ' call these methods first

        ' change brush color if item is selected
        If e.State = Windows.Forms.DrawItemState.Selected Then
            ComboBrush = Brushes.White
            ComboBrush = Brushes.Black
        End If

        ' draw a rectangle and fill it
        e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(New Pen(CurrentColor), SizeRect)
        e.Graphics.FillRectangle(New SolidBrush(CurrentColor), SizeRect)

        ' draw a border
        SizeRect.Inflate(1, 1)
        e.Graphics.DrawRectangle(Pens.Black, SizeRect)

        ' draw the Color name
        e.Graphics.DrawString(CurrentColor.Name, cboColor.Font, ComboBrush, e.Bounds.Height + 5, ((e.Bounds.Height - cboColor.Font.Height) \ 2) + e.Bounds.Top)

    End Sub

    Private Sub cboColor_MeasureItem(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.MeasureItemEventArgs) Handles cboColor.MeasureItem
        Dim myRandom As New Random
        e.ItemHeight = myRandom.Next(10, 20)
    End Sub

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Thanks. I understand now.

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