help setting up a new Citrix XenDesktop environment

tx_it_guy used Ask the Experts™
I need a little guidance here. I have setup the xenserver environment and configured the connections to our SAN. i have built the Windows 7 "golden image". So now I am wondering, do I have to install provisioning server and the desktop delivery controller server?

what steps\order should I take?

thank you in advance!
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How big of a deployment? What version of XD? If small and XD5 use the built on MCS. If large you may want to consider PVS.
Tony JohncockLead Technical Architect
I would take a look at the XenDesktop PoC Lab available either on Citrix's website or if you don't have the relevant rights, your partner that sold you the licenses will be able to obtain.

It's a fully virtualised, preconfigured XD environment that has all but Windows CAL's built in.

It's actually a combination of MCS for the actual XD's ans PVS for profile / home folders.

The beauty is that it can be rapidly made into production.

And although PVS is preferred for larger deployments, MCS isn't actually far behind now and is much more simple to deploy for most people.

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