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Unable to see certain wireless access points on Win7 laptop

jessc7 used Ask the Experts™
I have a Win7 Fujitsu Lifebook T2010 laptop that is unable to see two wireless access points that the other Win7 (Dell) laptops are able to see. The Fujitsu laptop can see other wireless networks in the area, but not the two I need it to see.

The SSID's are broadcasting.
The security on the missing wireless networks is: WPA-PSK (TKIP).

Can someone help me figure out how to get the laptop to see the two missing wireless networks?
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Which frequencies are supported by the access point and the laptops?

IEEE 802.11a/h       5,15–5,725 GHz  ?
IEEE 802.11b/g       2,4–2,4835 GHz  ?
IEEE 802.11n       2,4–2,4835 GHz und 5,15–5,725 GHz ?




I disabled the authentication / security on the route, and still can't see them.

I see no MAC filtering or other type of restrictions from seeing the SSIDs.
Carlos LlanosIT Manager

Are you using the basic windows wireless network utility or is there a special utility that Fujitsu is defaulting to?


I'm using the basic windows wireless functionality.
take a look at what channel the wireless AP is using. Some times the AP uses channel 13 - which tends to have fewer other APs nearby, but some network cards only sees network using channels 1 to 11.
Channel 1 - 11 is worldwide, where as channels 12 and 13 are only available in some regions (EMEA, Asia +), but not US

You can download inSSIDer from www.metageek.net to look at what channels are in use


We ended up using a different brand of laptop that had no issues with the wireless access point, but awarding you the points since it was the closest thing to an answer.