Is there a limit on the number of messages for the Inbox?

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I have a user that doesn't want to organize his emails into folders. Therefore, he now has 15,000+ emails in his Inbox. Is there a limit on the number of messages for the Inbox?

The reason I ask is that he is looking for an email sent on 8/9/08 and the earliest email is dated 10/09/08. The size of his mailbox is 1.2 GB so that's not an issue.
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There is no limit.
I am not aware of any limits but I know that if number of messages grows , outlook will have difficulties with filtering and grouping. I suggest you to create some sub-folders and move some emails out of inbox , then try again.
Also , check if his archiving feature on outlook is configured. it's possible that older emails are archived and therefor purged from inbox.


Thanks for the answers. I will check his archive settings.

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