Windows 2008 LDAP Policy Settings

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I'm getting a lot of 2128 and 2308 errors in Exchagne 2010 and review my LDAP policy on my Windows 2008 servers. Right now we have a parent child domain with all of our users account residing in our child domain.

My questions are as follows.
1) My current LDAP policy has the MaxPageSize set to 1000 and the MaxValRange set to 0. These do not seem to be the defaults for Windows 2008.

2) How can I test to see what type of results are returned with the current ldap policy in place.
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The default is  MaxPageSize = 1000   MaxValRange=1500, same as it was in w2k3

I verified on my 2008 R2 DC in my lab (see screen shot)

I'd set it to 1500

If this value is decreased below the default, some Exchange queries may not return complete results.

Unless you are instructed by Microsoft Customer Support Services to use a different value, you should reset this value back to its default value of 1500.




would this change require a reboot...

What does a value of 0 actually mean???


also how can I test to see what is being returned with my current ldap policy. How can I see how many objects residet in AD.


Any additional thoughts on this?

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