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Shawn used Ask the Experts™
I have a new site that just came out and am having a little trouble with deciding on keywords.
The site http://www.imailroom.ca is a fairly new concept. We either pick up locally or have the client redirect their paper mail to us, we open it, scan it and email it to them.

So our target clientele is both local and pretty much anywhere in the world.

For the local clientele we need keywords that will attract them to this service. The issue is as it is a new concept the probably won't be typing in "personal mail services".

The more global target may be easier as the product is similar to a virtual office: they use our address as a business address and we forward their mail first via email, then via post.

Any suggestions for keywords?
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"email post"
"virtual post office"
"e post"
"e post office"
"post office email"
Good luck - I have never heard of such a service.
Senior Associate: Social Listening
What comes to mind with your service (and a possible intent and marketing strategy) is to gear your service to travelers, and even as granular as long terms travelers (retirees, college grads, etc).  The reason I say this is that your service seems like it would work best for a person traveling who doesn't have a permanent address, therefore, your service would be convenient so they can check their mail on the run.  Doing a quick analysis, you can target terms such as:

"Hold mail"
"Stop mail"
"Vacation Hold Mail"

All these have a good amount of search volume with low competition and possibly good intent for your business.

Good luck, intriguing idea.



thanks Matt, I like it. :-)

I'll leave this open a while in case someone comes up with a different angle.