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How Can I Force a New Page Between "SubReports" in an Access 2007 Report?

colinasad used Ask the Experts™
I am developing an Access 2007 "project" (.ADP) as a front-end to data stored in a SQL-Server 2005 Express database.

I have an "unbound" Access Report that contains two "sub reports" in its "Details" Section. Although the two sub-reports are analysing the same data in two different ways, they are not formally "linked" in any way.

The logic is that my master "host" Report shows some general headings, then the two styles of analysis provided by the "sub reports" are printed.

It all seems to work OK except that I would like to force a "page break" between the two "sub reports". These "sub reports" have their own column headers and I feel the whole report would look better if the second "sub report" started on a new page rather than on the same page as the totals from the first "sub report".

I have tried setting the "Force New Page" property in various places where I've found it (including the "Report Header" section of the second "sub report"), but have been unable to obtain the effect I'm after.

Can anyone tell me how I can force a new page between the "sub reports" in my "main report"?
Many thanks.
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add a page break control between the subforms.  On my system it is on the ribbon, to the right of the Chart control.  


Many thanks for the prompt response. Works a treat!
Easy when you know how!
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It's all in the learning curve.  Glad I could help