SBS 2003 radom restarts

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Did some windows updates the other night and since then the sbs 2003 server has randomly restated a few times. Not sue if that is the cause but something is making it restart twice last night and once this morning.

I tried to look at the minidump folder but there are no recent dump files, the logs dont show anything either any suggestion as to why this may be happening.

Its an HP proliant ml350 a few year old.  

Thanks Guys
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I would try uninstalling the recent updates and turn off Windows updates to see if anything changes. If not then I would suspect either hardware or something else that updated recently like Anti Virus software.

If you have nothing in your event viewer or no mini dumps, then it is a hardware issue, most probably CPU overheat. I would check if the cpu heatsink and fan are working fine and i would apply a new thermal liquid to it.

Also check to see what is going to happen if and when a crash dump occurs, your mini dump might not get written due to config.
Turned out to be a bad redundant P/S.

Thanks guys for your tips


Figured it our on my own.

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