How to make a software package route to another route?

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      I have a VM Player machine that I have two pieces of software on. I want the main piece of software to route through a gateway and have done so doing the following:
route add -host netmask gw
There is another piece of software on this machine that I do not want it to pass through this gateway. Is this possible on the same VM or do I need to move the other software to another VM and route that IP with the route add?
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While it really depends on the software (some packages can control which ports / interfaces they'll connect to, others cannot), it is most likely that you'll need a separate VM -- what you've described is simply defining a default route for the address... if you want the second app to address as well, but via a different path, that cannot be done with the standard Linux routing,

Overall, for simplification, I'd suggest the separate VM.....

I agree with Dan. Make another VM. Using Linux there's a good chance that you don't have to pay for extra licenses, and there not so much overhead to set up an extra VM machine in Linux.

Regards, Tobias

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