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Visual Studio C# templates

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Hello All,

I started a project  (Desktop application using SQLCE) in Visual Studio Express C#.  What I am now finding is there is memory management issues.

when playing audio files, the memory usage slowly increases.

When I saw this Memory Management issue it reminded me of a article I read about the advantages of Visual Studio (non express version) that they come with project templates that takes care of memory leakage (not sure this is the right work for it).

This article explained how to just create a project in VS Standard, save the solution and open it in VS express and drop your code in. Maybe not that easy, but you get the picture.

But now I can not fine this article I read.

So I need you advice, would I have been better off using a project template from Visual Studio and using it to start my project.

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I haven't heard of any project templates for memory leaks.  Are you sure that these articles weren't talking about VC++.NET?

Finding Memory Leaks Using the CRT Library

How are you playing audio files?  If it is a COM interface, then I understand if you are creating multiple COM references, and not cleaning them up.