How to display a license agreement installing clickonce winforms desktop app

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On first installation, I want the user to have to either accept a license agreement to continue installation, or abort installation if the user does not agree.  

How does that work with a clickonce application?  Or does it?

Thanks in advance!

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HainKurtSr. System Analyst

use registry... or a ini file to store a value say 0/1 or True/False or a datetime indicates when it is accepted/installed...
when app starts read the value from registry or ini file, if it is 0 or null then show it, when accepted write it to ini file/registry...
its better to use My.Settings for this.
Create a form with
1. a multiline textbox and populate it with our license terms.
2. Two buttons for Accept and Do Not Accept
3. A check box labeled "I have read the license agreement"

In the load event of this form, disable the Accept button

Handle the checkstatechanged of the checkbox to enable the Accept button when checked

Finally, In the load event of the parent / main program form, check for the state of your setting (in My.Setting) and show the license form if it is not set.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!


Very simple.  Thanks!

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