SBS2003 moving exchange database to new partition

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I have a SBS2003 with the following partitions (Total Size / Free Space), C:\ 50G / 8.79 and D:\ 90G / 38G. The exchange database is 14G located on C:\. I'd like to move it to D:\, my question will the database automatically move if I choose a new location in ESM or does it have to have at least twice the free space on the C:\ partition as the database itself in order to work?

In simple terms, if I choose a new location in ESM will I have any problems?
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Usually you would have to dismount the database, physically move it to the new partition and then remount the database from the new location. SMB might work differently however.

You should be able to move it.  It should not need double the space.  You seem to have plenty of free space to be able to move it.  You could also do the dismount and then manually move and then remount as well.  Both are acceptable.
You can just do it true your Exchange console. Select the database, give it a new location and click ok. Exchange wil dismount and move the database for you.

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I used the article mentioned, good article

When it dismounts and moves the database...does it "rebuild it" in any way? I am about to move my Database to a larger partition. I know there are instructions through microsoft for rebuilding a database, I was just hoping to avoid manipulating the database as much as possible since I need to move it to a larger partition regardless.

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