Joomla 1.5 article links open in new window...this is bad

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Hi Experts,

All of the links in my articles have target set to _blank.  Without editing the database by hand how can I change this in the Joomla 1.5 admin?


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web developer - designer
the easiest way is to do it from the db

otherwise search for a plugin that will do it
Carlos LlanosIT Manager
Yeah I'm with panagiotiss on this one.  I've been trying to write code to search the database and replace all of the target="_blank" to target="_self" or just to remove target="_blank" all together, but I'm hitting a road block.

My suggestions would be:

1) Manually change them all, you would be saving a lot of time...unless of course there are thousands of them.
2) Try to write some sql code that will search your database and remove that line from all careful though...I would backup your database / site before you do this...


I did the jos_content table with a REPLACE query and now I'm off to do the other tables.  It's pretty time consuming but appears to be the only way.  thanks anyway!

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