Where do I request and install a public Identity CA?

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I have a TZ180 Sonicwall firewall with the firm's published ip address. Behind the firewall is a SBS 2003 Server/Exchange with an ip address of This SBS 2003 server also acts as a DHCP server for the network. I can't seem to reason this out: do I request the CA from the SBS server or through the Sonicwall (probably will use Network Solutions)? And when the certificate is issued, is it installed on the SBS server, the Sonicwall TZ180 or both?

Thanks for your assistance in advance.
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I you need SSL to function with your exchange you need to set the certificate on your exchange. You NAT port 80,443 to your Exchange Server. On your Exchange Server you install the certificate that you get from a 3the party supplier.

 This might help to install it: http://www.globalsign.com/support/install/install_mexch.php


Your answer plus the attachment helped greatly. I'm in the process of requesting a reissued certificate for the server with exchange on it.

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