Segregate transaction logs from system drive in Server 2003. Also, break the mirror.

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Running Windows Server 2003 under Exchange 2007 on an HP ProLiant ML110. I am utilizing RAID 1. I would like to add another hard drive, break the mirror, and separate the transaction logs from the system drive. It has come to my attention that the disc mirror is causing the hard drive to actually work harder with more read operations and breaking that mirror will actually improve performance and reduce paging. Currently paging at 2GBs. Also planning a 2GB memory upgrade.
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If you have a Mirror drive your performance wil actually be the same or a little better reading but this also depends on your controller. Check for the RAID specific information. Be sure you have enough memory with Exchange 2007. Breaking the mirror will not gain you any bennefit if your server does not get more memory. Since you are running a ML110 I think you run exchange at home so 4Gb+ gives benefit. Also when you decide to expand your system with a disk, keep in mind that transaction logs that get lost can get you in trouble with Exchange. I would recomend to add a disk for paging and other swap files.

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