Adding printers in XenApp 6 Server 2008 R2 - Access is Denied

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We have a new XenApp 6 environment running on Server 2008 R2. When users attempt to install some printers they recieve an Access is Denied error. I've seen this before a while back but cant find the fix again.

I do remember that the permissions of a specific registry had to be modified to all Everyone full access.

Can anyone help me with this location. Should be fairly simple but I've been looking all morning.

Thanks !
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When dealing with printers, log into locally as the administrator. issue "change user /install" and then install every printer you expect the user(s) to run. End this task by issuing "change user /execute" .

The above will fix all registry items for the operation of printers and insure proper access to actually install the printers. The use will still need to install the printer in their own context, but that is just a formality.

This should be a 'task' for every citrix server build.
Are you asking about the printer drivers or the physical printers?  I'll assume the drivers because that's generally the most common problem.  There are a few places where the installation of user printer drivers are enabled, and if any one of them is disabled, users cannot install printers.

First check Citrix policies, whether you adminster via the Citrix console or GPOs, and see whether you have disabled printer driver installation and UPD.  In most cases, you want UPD and no user-installed drivers (user-installed drivers can get really ugly really fast!).  Then check the RDS-related GPOs (under Administrative Templates).  Then check your local server configuration.

There are few print devices that can't use UPD successfully, such as some multi-function devices.  In those cases, you'll want to administratively install the drivers.  

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