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I am seeing some really bazar behavior with my Sitemap. After publishing to a test server. My sitemap is no longer showing. It is still there in code, my solution still compiles, everything else still works the way it did, just no sitemap when I run in browser mode. Not only does it not show on the test IIS server, it also stopped showing on my local machine where I am developing. This first happened yesterday and I figured I did something accidentally to cause it, so this morning I added a new master page, copied the code from the old master page, edited the web pages to point to the new master page and everything works fine, sitemap shows in browser mode. Then I publish, successfully, and I can no longer see the site map.
The only other bit of info that may be relevant here is that I recently converted this web app from a web site. It is really small, only 5 web pages. Any ideas? I am thinking I will have to recreate an entirely new solution and bring the web pages in and see if it continues. Thanks for any help.
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OK, I may have found out what was going on but I'm not sure. I turned SecurityTrimmingEnabled to ="False" and I now see my sitemap. Here is where I am confused. If I set SecurityTrimmingEnabled to ="True" and I open the site on my local IIS, I see the sitemap. If I publish to my test IIS server, I don't see the sitemap. I have recently converted the framework to 4 from 3.5. Could this be a permissions issue?

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