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Building Query in Access 2010 to find sequential transactions

     1. Have table of 10,000,000 Customers [ customer name, customer #, transaction date, salesperson ]
      2. Have table of 10,000 customer invoices - relevant fields are: [transaction#, transaction_type, transaction date, customer_name, salesperson ]
      3. Have table of 1,500 customer return invoices - fields[transaction#, transaction_type, transaction date, customer_name, salesperson]
      4. Definition of transaction# - every record has a unique ascending transaction# and every transaction# is created in sequential order and defined by the [transaction_type]
      I'm looking Query those tables for the following info:
      5. Find all transactions where [customer_name ] had a [transaction#] within 10 numbers of another [transaction#] of the same customer.

I am also looking to find sequential transactions with the same customers. i.e. all situations where a customer transaction# is within 1 of another.
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Did you mean:

t2.customer# = t2Customer#


T1.customer# = T2.Customer#

or you could try:

SELECT T1.CustomerID, T1.Transaction#, T2.Transaction#
FROM tblCustomerTransactions as T1
INNER JOIN tblCustomerTransactions as T2
ON T1.CustomerID = T2.CustomerID
AND T1.Transaction# < T2.Transaction#
WHERE (T2.Transaction#-T1.Transaction#) <= [Enter acceptable transaction gap]

Of course, you know what I meant :>)  Your correction and politeness are accepted.