Can't seem to Run a powershell script at logon on a specific server

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We are migrating to a new terminal server.
One of our mission-critical applications requires each user logged on to have a specially tailored INI file.
I've created a Powershell script that opens and adjusts the script-running user's INI file.
Problem is, I can't seem to make Group Policy make the script run at login.

There is an additional script that we run (.bat) on our old Terminal Server, and it also needs to run on the new one.

Please help!
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Ceate your own GPO and link it to the domain. To track down your problem, logon as normal user and run the script with an user account to see if it works.

If the test is ok, run gpresult /v or rsop logged on as a user to check if the GPO is applied with the correct settings.
I presume the clients are on Windows 7 PCs?

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