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Multiple partitions in single vmdk file and need to expand one on Windows 2003

I did some P2V conversions a while back and ended up with a few servers that have the C: and E: drives on one single vmdk file.  Now I need to extend the C: partition, and I have software utilities to do this, but when I expand the vmdk file the space isn't allowed to be extended into from the C: drive.  I know without tools or software the C: drive on Windows 2000/2003 servers can't be extended, but I have the software.  Is it possible to expand the C: drive when both the C: and E: drives are in the same vmdk file?

vSphere 4
Windows 2003
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Please make sure you have a backup (not a snapshot) before completing any partition changes.

Examples of third party utilities include:
7tools Partition Manager


EASEUS Partition Manager

GParted LiveCD

Partition Logic

Paragon Partition Manager

Ranish Partition Manager

System Rescue CD

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I have EASEUS Partition Manager right now.  So if I allocate more space to the vmdk file, then I'd need to move the E: drive to be at the end of the space, and then expand the C: drive?  Makes sense, but I've never done the middle part where you'd move a partition to the later part of disk space.

I know I could do this with converter, but it seems like when I do V2V with converter some applications on the server get hosed up because they think they are on a new server, then I have to go through and relicense.
yes, that can happen with converter.

your method is correct.
Thanks.  One last comment, if I clone the vm before I do all this is that as good as a backup then?  So if the machine blows up I can clone from my clone back to the original name and be where I started?
Thanks for the complete answer.
Once you have the clone, just rename it and you are ready to go again.

Tip. Clone before, and then after the E: Partition Move, and if the C: partition move goes wrong you can return to the before clone.