Microsoft Excel.  How do I point to excel.exe that's in the virtual Q drive for a in a 3rd party app?

Fred Marshall
Fred Marshall used Ask the Experts™
I'm setting up a new Dell Win7 32-bit system and need to enter the path and filename for excel.exe into a 3rd party application program.
This computer has a "Q" drive that's not accessible where Office appears to reside.
I know of NO other applicaton or use for this Q: drive.

Since it's not accessbile, I can't find the path to provide to the application.

I have to provide information that will work for the application to be set up.

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your question is a bit confusing, you r installing a new computer with an application that require the path of Excel?
your Excel program suppose to be in Q drive but that is not accessible because u cannot map it?
how did you install Office in this computer? Is Q drive available at that time but later on u cannot map it? Is it a link to network share directory or a physical disk / USB drive?
can u try search Excel.exe in your computer and see if that is installed somewhere else?


The computer came with Office preinstalled by Dell.  There is reference to this approach on the Microsoft web site.  Presumably the Q: drive was never accessible as this is a new computer.

We are installing a 3rd party app on this new computer that requires the path to excel.exe.  

Mapping has nothing to do with this.  From reading the MS info, it's a virtual drive of some sort.  

And, I don't really care about all that if I can help it.  I just need to point to [path]\excel.exe but have no way of finding out what [path] is except MAYBE it starts with "Q:"

Neil RussellTechnical Development Lead

Does excel actually work?
If it does then.....

It will be on your C: drive but will depnd on WHAT OS? WHAT VERSION OF OFFICE? 32bit or 64bit?
i see, that is a virtual drive installed with Office for Click-To-Run
see more information here
as u r using Win7, if u type excel.exe in the command box, the system will search the application for u automatically, then u can right click to check it's location
if the above not working, try start Excel, then use Explorer to search for excel.exe


"if u type excel.exe in the command box, the system will search the application for u automatically, then u can right click to check it's location"

If one does this, it starts the program.  That's NOT what I need.  And, "right click" on WHAT? after that's happened?  It's not clear to me.

The link is helpful in describing what they're trying to do with this technology but not in helping me get this task done.


OK, I found it.  If one types exce.exe in the command box then a list appears above the box.  You can then right click on one of the entries in the list and select Properties.  

I found it to be something like: "C"\program Files\common files\microsoft\ .... virtual ....EXE" "some things about excel and a long number"  Can't copy it as I was doing it remotely.

That string put into the command line works!

Unfortunately, the same string put into the 3rd party app did not work.   I suspect because it can't recognize the second string / argument provided.


See my closing comment with a bit more information as to how to do this......

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