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Unable to Update Windows

bds1959 used Ask the Experts™
I have a Windows XP workstation that has SP3 - When I try running the Windows updates, I get the message "You may be unable to access the Windows Update wesite from Windows XP..."

Basically it's telling me that I don't have SP3 installed.  I've run across this at least three times before, but I've always solved it by running the "WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe" file.  This time that didn't work  So, I tried running the "winxpprosp3updatefix" files that I found on another site - still a no-go.  I tried it in Safe Mode - still a no-go.  I'm trying it as Administrator.  This is an OLD HP PC that I installed XP and the drivers from the OEM CD's - wasn't even at SP1 - after the install, I ugraded to SP2, then rebooted, then installed SP3.  I've spent, i.e., wasted, quite a bit of time on this - Thanks, Microsoft!  NOT!!!  WTF!!!???
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Also ran the Microsoft Fix it 50202 Aggressively - again - no-go - wasn't able to run that in Safe Mode - didn't try Safe Mode again after I ran it, but did reboot - My disdain for MS grows again...
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Check out this article specifically where they use the /force switch.


Try reapplying SP3?


Thanks!  That worked...