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When forming macros, I sometimes get a message that says I need to convert the DB to the newer version before I can use a particular macro.  How do I do this?

Explicit steps are greatly appreciated.
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS Liason
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What version of Access are you using currently?
If you are using A2003 or earlier then you will find a completely different macro environment in A2010.
There are many new commands but also more restrictions on what you can do.  
You may well have found that most people here have little knowledge of macros in A2003 and earlier.
It will be apparent that the level of knowledge is even less for the new set up (I include myself in this).

There is a built -in database conversion tool , but it has become apparent that the most reliable way to convert an mdb to an accdb is to create a new empty accdb and import all the objects from the existing mdb into it.  Use the ExternalData section of the ribbon.

Keep your mdb safe as a backup.
I recently asked a question on the topic of upgrading a database, my expert was very helpful:

Have a look for this ID: 26981743.


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