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Anyone know a dermatologist that wouldn't mind answering a medical question over e-mail?

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Most doctors, of any discipline, would be more than hesitant to answer any questions over email. After all, they do have to see what the problem is before they can decide whether to move to a diagnosis, prescription or something therapeutical. If something is erroneously diagnosed or recommended over email, the doctor's license to practice is at stake.

If you have a very basic question, the internet can be a good source of information (if used with a skeptical and discerning eye)
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting

Commented: is about all your gonna get. Lots of skin conditions look similar so a dermatologist is gonna want to see it in person.
Here is a dermatology forum.

No harm asking, and you may get some help from someone who is experiencing what you are.

And another good one my sister sent me.


All I wanted to know is when Niosporin does not cure an finger nail bed infection should you try a stronger prescription cream (and which one) of go with something like amoxicillin.  Thanks.

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