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Microsoft 2011 SBS Exchange 2010 Transport service will not start.

I went to a site that just had a migration from 2003 SBS to 2011 SBS.  The Exchange Server was setup normal.  The 5 Clients was setup with 2 accounts one Pop Accounts and SMTP Account pointing to the ISP.  THe second account pointing to the EXchange.  The default delivery for both account is the Exchange Mailbox.  The exchange server is getting all types of transport errors the transport service is constantly crashing.  Event ID 7004 MSEXChange  Transport, Event ID 10003 10001 Poison Message Source MSExchange Transport.  For now my boss wants to keep the Outlook setups and MX records pointing towards first Pop accounts but wants me to resolve the transport issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Another observation there is no Exchange Certificate installed.
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THis is why u are having issue
there is a message that is blocking the queue.

ur queue does not want to process it as it thinks that it will cause issue(read poison)

as the above gentleman said , delete the message from the queue
I deleted all the messages and still having the issue.  another thing I noticed is antspam was enabled I disabled all the agents.  WHy would the tech set it up like that.  The Exchange Server looks like it only storing the data.
try this and see if it allows you to start the transport service

set-transportserver -PoisonMessageDetectionEnabled:$false
Here is what keeps filling up the queue

Identity: W2K11SBS\Poison\199539
Subject: Backfill Request
Internet Message ID: <A876286E3747214FAC31C602FEED5A6B076C364B@W2K11SBS."""""""""""""
From Address: PublicFolderDatabase1711784925"""""""""""
Status: Suspended
Size (KB): 6
Message Source Name: SMTP:Default W2K11SBS
Source IP:
SCL: -1
Date Received: 8/3/2011 2:53:51 PM
Expiration Time: 8/5/2011 2:53:51 PM
Last Error:
Queue ID: W2K11SBS\Poison
Recipients:  W2K3SBS-IS@""""""""""""
when i ran command it asked me for identity..
sorry add -identity 'servername' after set-transportserver
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That worked to start the service correctly but what is the benefits of setting up the exchange server like that.  Looks like the Exchange is only being used to store email.
Sorry I don't get you question what do you mean with the exchange server setup like that?
The Outlook client are setup with two accounts.  One the ISP Pop Account and the other pointing to the Exchange server.  The POP account is used to the default account but the Exchange mailbox is where the email is delivered.  THe SBS server looks like its just being used to recieve the email.
No that is not best setup. You should change to smtp for direct delivery to the exchange server. But if you need to stay with the POP accounts than at least use the sbs pop3 connector in stead of letting outlook pull the email.
i would agree on that