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Cisco IP Communicator 7.x Configuration

MikeR428 used Ask the Experts™
I'm trying to configure the Cisco IP Communicator (v7) on my network, but I'm having a heck of a time figuring out exactly how I'm supposed to go about it.

I'm new to configuring and managing Cisco technology. Our senior engineer was fired last week, and now its on me to finish the implementation, and for all I know, there is a whole configuration app I'm totally unaware of. Any help would be appreciated.

The hardware:

Cisco UC560

The software:

Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (15.1(2)T2 / CME 8.1)

Cisco Unified CallConnector Server (not sure on the version...)

I own 16x CIPC licenses. My (now former) senior engineer managed to configure and demonstrate one. He was able to use it without issue (in fact, it still works on his workstation, on the LAN and over VPN) but I have been totally unable to duplicate his results.

The CIPC software installs without an issue, and it connects to the TFTP server fine. It pulls down the time (which is incorrect, but at least its getting it), as well as the company banner label. I can also see the Device Name (MAC address) in the Unified Communications Manager Express Administration page, and I am able to modify the speed dial buttons etc.

The problem comes in when I connect to the Unified CallConnector Configuration Manager; the CIPC is nowhere to be found in the list of phones. The sequence number for the CIPC (according to CME) is 34, but the CC Config Manager skips from 33 to 35.

So, I cannot assign an extension, name etc to the CIPC. What am I doing wrong here? What steps have I missed?

I've been unable to determine precisely what documentation covers the installation/configuration of CIPC 7.x. All Google gets me is older versions of CIPC and Call Manager.

So, any help would be highly appreciated.

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Here's a listing of the config guides for all versions.

Haven't used Unified CallConnector Configuration Manager, So i can't help you there... but all the config for the CIPC should be done with CME (CSS, Partitions etc...)  Can't you see the already configured one ok?


Yep, we can see the already configured one just fine. But we haven't been able to duplicate the results. I have no idea what steps my former engineer took to achieve the results for the one working client.

Thanks for the link, though. I'll make sure to follow up.
Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008

Have you tried the button to download CME config after you added the CIPC phones?


@lrmoore: Per my description, the CIPC phones are nowhere to be found in the CallConnector Config Manager. It shows in CME with sequence number 34, and 34 is skipped in CCCM.
Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008

Yes, I understand, but did you refresh the information in CallConnector by using this feature? It pulls the latest phone information from CME
@lrmoore: I did, and it still does not display the CIPC devices.

I was able to determine another solution, however;

I uninstalled all of the CIPC devices on my network, restarted CME, and re-installed the CIPC clients. I can now assign extensions via the CME.


This worked.