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Email signatures management - via Exchange 2010 Sp1 or 3rd pary app? I need suggestions


We are in the process of migrating to Exchange 2010. We are now trying to look for a way to consolidate the company email signatures.

Our users are currently changing their email signatures and they have their settings locally on their Outlook clients.

We are wondering if we could use Exchange 2010 to manage the email signatures. The outlook client is now Exchange 2003 but will Exchange 2010 once we are done with the server migration.

Basically each department has its own type of signature and each user a different ttle, etc...Is there any way to acomplish the management of the signature via Exchange 2010.

Also some users feel the need of including the logo of the company within their signature, in the past we had problems with this and some emails were blocked at the destination or the logo was removed etc...Do you guys have any suggestions about this as well?

Thank you!

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8/22/2022 - Mon

The signature possibilities with exchange 2010 are by far better than with previous versions. Here is a good article about what is possible: http://blog.chrislehr.com/2009/07/exchange-2010-hub-transport-building.htm

If this will not fullfil your needs you should look for third party software like codetwo or exclaimer if you want to controll all signatures on a central place.

About including a picture there are spam filters that will filter emails with links to pictures on websites, so best practice would be to include the picture within the email. As far as I know this is not possible with exchange 2010 and you need to go for a third party app.


spiderwilk007 - Exchange can not do what exactly?

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ronnypot- I understand from your post that I will be able to create transport rules that will work with dynamic signatures that will use variable to get the name of the user and his/her tittle from AD and stamp the signature with it.
Also images can be included using HTML code so the signature will be build with HTML.

That being said, I understand that pictures could be a little problematic with spam filters but using the technique described on the article that you have provided would they also be blocked?

Any suggestions on how to prevent them from being blocked? Any specific format or way to present them?

Thank you!

That's right you could use the transport rules to create "basic" dynamic signatures, the variables that could be used are in the blog post.

About pictures, at the end I will always see that some filtering software will block pictures that link to an external location. Also most email clients won't automatically load pictures that link to an external location. Only way arround is including the picture in the email. This is one thing that can NOT be done with the transport rules, if this is what you want you need to go for third party software.

Also most third party software can use by far more AD fields to include as variable. So in most cases you will end up by using or outlook end have the chance users will and can change there signature, or a combination with outlook and exchange, you configure exchange for the static part and do the rest with outlook or you go for a third party product to create all signatures on a central place.

Adding the company logo to the email signature is not going to be the Ex2010 dynamic signature stopper, however I now that the minimun requirement in order to go with central signatures is going to be:

-Company Name
-User name
- Company Address

Do you happen to know if this attributes happen to used by the native Exchange signature? I haven't been able to find the list of attributes that can be managed.

It is my understanding that with basic/dynamic signatures the emails will be stamped at the HUB Transport level (we do not use EDGE) with the user specific attributes?  

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