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Choosing type of report or form

I need help deciding on which type of report or form to use.  I want to be able to add details and new records, as well as print, the same place.  I need some steps on which choice to make and why.  Assistance is greatly appreciated.


Needs 5 potential rows per record as follows ('if' data and/or attachments are available):

Row1 -> ID | Study | StudyType | Copyright
Row2 -> Notes
Row2 -> Attachment1 - picture of generic chart
Row3 -> Attachment2 - picture of upper or lower study depending on which one is attached
Row4 -> Reserved Words: | Input Parameters:
Row5 -> Code:

* Add new records
* Filter from within form or report, by those that have notes vs those that don't.
* Filter from within form or report, by type with more than one type available per record.
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