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Jquery Tabs - Hiding all divs instead of just parent

Hey Experts!!

I have a basic tab code that I found online and I need to customize it a little bit.  
The tabs I have are pretty extensive with a lot of content inside them, including divs.  To see what I'm talking about go to the live url below and click on the Testimonials tab. There should be a YouTube video, description and a slider on the bottom. It's hiding all of the child divs in there and I need them to be shown when I click on the tab.

Ultimate Goal: If I have nested divs, I need to show all of them when the tab is clicked.  It's beyond my jquery knowledge.

Live URL: 
Jquery is attached
	jQuery('#homevideo div').hide();
	jQuery('#homevideo div').hide();
	jQuery('#homevideo div:first').show();
	jQuery('#homevideo ul li:first').addClass('selected');
	jQuery('#homevideo ul.ui-tabs li a').click(function(){
	jQuery('#homevideo ul li').removeClass('selected');
	var currentTab = jQuery(this).attr('href');
		jQuery('#homevideo div').hide();
	return false;

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Thanks Kravimir. Works like a charm.  I didn't code or develop this project, it was dropped in my lap.  I'd much rather stay with Jquery than any other library, however it's a slow process.  My first task was re-writing the tabs on the home page.  Now that that's done, on to the next task.

Thanks again!