ASP.NET website Browser compatibility issue.

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I built a ASP.NET website using a template downloaded from internet. In this template JavaScript is used to create a slideshow on home page. This website works with Internet Explorer but it doesn't look good on Chrome and Firefox browser.

How can I make it compatible with these browsers?

Thank you.
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You need to investigate what is causing the site to fail. It could most likely be Javascript. Download Firebug and run the site in FireFox. Firebug should show you where the errors and and you can then try to fix them there.


Hi MlandaT,

Thank you for your response but the site is not failing. Only slideshow is not working properly on Firefox. Text is overlapping on images.

Is there any way to write some code and make this website compatible to other browsers?
Sounds like it may be a CSS issue which you can set conditional css in order to display it differently within firefox. You can either go that route or try and replacing it with something like these for example:

you can take a look at the demo with different browsers to see the end result.

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