Import Calendar items from backup

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Environment: Exchange 2007 SP2, Outlook 2007 SP2.

One of our users reported that all his Calendar items seem to be missing from Outlook. We checked OWA etc too, everything had gone. Nothing in the Event Log of the server to indicate an issue.

We need to restore this from backup. I can create an RSG and restore his database from last night's backup, but from here what's the best way to import everything back into his mailbox safely?

I think I can:

1. Import only Calendar items from RSG directly into his live mailbox (Restore-Mailbox -Identity Usermbx –RSGDatabase RSG --IncludeFolders \Calendar)

2. Import only Calendar items from RSG to a test mailbox. Then export the Calendar from there to PST and then import from PST to his live mailbox (Restore-Mailbox -Identity Usermbx -RSGDatabase RSG –RSGMailbox Test1 -IncludeFolders \Calendar)

I am preferring #2, because this way I get to see exactly what will be imported into his mailbox.

But what's the best way to go from here?
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I have always used option 2, but I think method 1 would work. I just lean toward the side of caution and option 2 ensures that nothing can go wrong with his live mailbox.
Hi Tomot,

As requested please follow below link process to Export user mailbox data from RSG to PST.

Hope this article will help you to proceed further to import/export user mailbox data in exchange 2007.

Have a nice day.....



So you've done this before?

How did you import the Calendar items from the test mailbox into the live mailbox?
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I think the link provided by y4utech is probably the correct way of exporting to .pst, however I usually open the text mailbox in Outlook and copy the calendar contents to a .pst file then open the .pst file in the users mailbox and copy the .pst file into his live calendar, probably not the easiest way, but its worked for me.
TYPO --- That's test mailbox, not text mailbox


This is the right way to export mailboxes to PST file in exchange 2007.

Feel free to ask any question regarding the same.


Thanks all.

I know how to use the RSG function in 2007, the question is more about once I have recovered his Calendar items to the test mailbox, how to get that across to his live mailbox.

I was thinking:

1. In Test Mailbox, export the Calendar only to a PST file (named user1.pst)
2. Create an Outlook profile for the user on my PC
3. Open Outlook, File > Import & Export > Import PST
4. Select 'Do not import duplicates'

And this will import the Calendar data from the PST to his Outlook?
That is correct.

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