Exporting List of Active Directory Users and other information

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Per our auditors' request I need to export a list of all users within our Active Directory 2008.  They have asked for the following.

System generated list of users on Active Directory showing user ids, name, status (active, inactive), last login, last password change date.

Is there an easy way to perform this task?
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Sandesh DubeyTechnical Lead
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You can use third party software True Last Logon 2.9.You can export the file in excel for report creation.You can use the trial version this will achieve what you are looking for.

True Last Logon displays the following Active Directory information:
--Users real name and logon name
--Detailed account status
--Last Logon Date & Time
--Last Logon Timestamp (Replicated value)
--Account Expiry Date & Time
--Enabled or Disabled Account
--Locked Accounts
--Password Expires
--Password Last Set Date & Time
--Logon Count
--Bad Password Count
--Expiry Date
--You can also query for any other attribute (Example: Description, telephone Number, custom attibutes etc)

Refer the below link for trial version:
I would use the quest ad cmdlets, this is not tested and some

get-qaduser -sizelimit 0 | Select Name, samaccountname, AccountIsDisabled, lastlogontimestamp, passwordlastset | export-csv c:\temp\users.csv

Bill PrewTest your restores, not your backups...
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A pretty good free command line tool for this here.  If you google for "adfind examples" you will find several places with example commands.


Second vote for Quest AD commands, you can do quite a lot with the QAD cmdlets! :)


I'm not quite sure how to run the QAD cmdlets.  I'm not very familiar with powershell.  Is there a recommended tutorial that will hold my hand through the process?
Download the PDFs from Quest


Then use help within powershell for some examples

help get-qaduser
help set-qaduser


Command posted by KenMcF worked.  Link provided by KenMcF also helped me download the software and the admin guide.

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