MS Word & Excel 2007 Problem : When merging the document, ask the user...

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We have a new install of MS Office 2007 basic.  Fully updated and every time we open a document (Word or Excel) we get the following message "When merging the document, ask the user...".  I have tried everything I could think of with no luck.  Anyone seen this before?  Or know how to fix it?  Thanks!

Todd Word dialog that shows up no matter what
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Are you certain this isnt something custom to your particular setup? I have never seen this before.  :(

What happens when you click OK?

You may get this error in OFFICE 2007 if the Excel file you refer to uses Access (previous version) database...

Possible solution, import databases from Access (previous version) to Access 2007
As it turns out this appears to have something to do with the video card.  The gentleman that uses this machine told me he turned the Nvidia nView desktop manager and that appears to have caused the issue.  He turned off the he turned the Nvidia nView desktop manager and the problem resolved itself.  Thanks for helping!


We found the problem
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Weird, but thanks for the feedback.

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