How To Setup Dual NIC's Windows 2003

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     I have a Windows 2003 Server that I have dual NIC's.  One NIC is setup with our main network.  The other NIC I will setup to our Backup Network.  How do I setup so that all Internet requests go out of the NIC of the backup network?  
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Set the default gateway to be the next hop on the backup network.  If you have any corporate traffic that is on different subnets than the one you are on with the primary NIC, you will need to add static persistent routes to them.
On the primary NIC put a static IP valid for your network but below the first one of the DHCP server if you have it, and no DNS; on the secondary leave it dinamic as so your router´s DHCP server will do the rest.
Select the two networks, right click and select network bridge.

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