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I notice that you can do a lot of scripting or you can also use the group policy editor.  Which one do you prefer and for what reasons?
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The main difference for me is GPO is applied using SYSTEM credentials and login scripts are run using user credentials.
Usually GPO way is more powerful.
Group Policies are easier unless you are good with scripts.
They are more flexible and easier to assign to certain scenarios
You can use them ato apply computer settings before the user logs in.

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I'm not a big fan of GPO. If you have a geographically dispersed Domain and WAN with many AD controllers, you have to build the script to handle the various situations.

And if you have a scripting error -- rolling it back quickly is dependent on getting all the AD controllers to take the updated script.

A scripting error can generally be ignored by the end users if it isn't in the GPO.

In a forest situation, it is still a consideration.
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I do both - using the logon script section of the GPO to make sure the logon script(s) are headed to the right groups via GPO filtering.
Using GPOs is often an easy way to set things up, particularly if you are not a scriptor.  However there are issues with registry tattooing that can also cause you some problems later down the road.  In general I would say that you need to evaluate what specific changes you need to make and then decide which is the best solution,  Often I combine the two, opting to use a GPO to deploy who a script will execute against.


Thanks for the input.  This was just an opinion question so I assigned points to everyone who participated.

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