How to Undelete AD user and reconnect to old mailbox

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Windows 2003 R2, Exchange 2003.  This morning I deleted a user account from Active Directory.  I did not purge their mailbox.  A couple hours later, I find out that was still an active account.  Searched around and found adrestore.exe.  It successfully undeleted the user account and now it shows up in Active Directory Users and Computers.  I Reset the password (to something I know so that I'll be able to test it in OWA).  I Enabled the account.  When I look at the Properties for the user, nearly everything blank (including E-Mail and User logon name).  I read that this would happen to some fields.  The E-Mail Addresses tab is missing and all of the the other Exchange-related tabs are dimmed-out.  The Alias field is blank.  When I right-click the user and choose Exchange Tasks, the only task available is to Remove Exchange Attributes.  When I go to Enterprise System Manager, I can still see the user's mailbox.  When I right-click the mailbox and choose Exchange Tasks (because it's available), there are no tasks available.  When I right-click another deleted user's mailbox (that I did not undelete with adrestore), the Exchange Tasks menu option is not available.  Furthermore, right-clicking the mailbox of the undeleted user, I can see the Reconnect menu option, but it is dimmed-out.  As a matter of fact, it's dimmed-out on all mailboxes (even those of other deleted users).  As a test, I went ahead and tried to login as the user in Outlook Web Access.  It let me successfully login (it took the credentials) but then gave the me the old 'Page not found' screen in Internet Explorer.  What am I missing or doing wrong?  Thanks.
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Do you have the mailbox recovery center available? has info.


This led me in the right direction.  I had to fumble around a bit to get it to work for me.  That probably had something to do with how I had altered with the undeleted account.  In the end, I deleted the undeleted user account and recreated a new user account with a different name.  I then reconnected the old mailbox to the new account.  Once I saw that everything was in place (Exchange tabs in the user Properties, etc.), I renamed the account and alias back to the original user's account name.  Everything is back to normal.  Thanks.

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