vlan stopped working

nellie5713 used Ask the Experts™
2 switches can ping themselves over one vlan but not over another.  We have checked IP addresses and subnets of the vlan that's not working.  Still can't ping.  Any ideas?
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Oh by the way, we tried removing and recreating the vlan but that didn't fix the problem
Don JohnstonInstructor
Top Expert 2015

What kind of switches? (model and make)

Can you post the config?

Dear nellie5713

you need to do routing between VLAN .... can you Post switch Config

Marius GunnerudSenior Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2013

Agree with Muhammed, unless they are L3 switches and routing has been enabled on them, then you will need a router to do the inter-vlan routing.
Hi All,

Thanks for your questions and suggestions.  I found the problem.  A switch had been replaced while I was on vacation and somehow Vlan2 had not be activated properly and that switch was causing VLAN 2 not to communicate between a switch in on vlan 2 in one building and vlan 2 in a another bldg.  Once the VLAN2 on that switch was enabled properly the switches were able to communicate via vlan2 a again. This ticket can be closed.

Good Luck , i am very happy koz you solved your problem


I accepted my own solution because I found the solutio to the problem myself.

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