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Only Administrator can view errors logged using Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0

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A .NET 4 application uses Enterprise Library 5.0 for logging exceptions. However, only Administrator is able to see those Errors in Windows 7 Event Viewer (under Windows Logs | Application). What should be added to the installation process to enable regular users to see that log?
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It is possible to set permissions on the Windows Event Log. This can be done either locally, on each computer, or using Group Policy in Windows Server 2003.
 This may be required since you may want to limit access to the Windows Events Logs to specific users, normally the administrators. You may also need to configure these permissions to allow GFI Events Manager to retrieve the events from the remote computers.
Does Windows 7 still assign Event Log permissions via the Registry?

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To clarify the issue: I am looking for a solution that would make the error events happening in the [just installed] application visible to non-Administrators via Windows 7 Event Viewer (under Windows Logs | Application).

The application is being installed on a  stand alone Windows 7system. Quite probably, setting certain registry key values as apart of that application's installation is the right thing to do. But Windows 7 has a somewhat different registry key set, with no exact keyss featured in the sources linked from the answer...


Hard to solve issue...