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Adobe Flash Rotating Display - Beginner Question

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Hi, I wanted to get some advice from the pros before I waste time going down the wrong path,,, I want a flash display with rotating images and text very similar to the middle display located here -----> http://ubmc.org/getpage.php?name=index ...  I have Adobe Flash CS3 to accomplish this, have only used it a few times though and I would like to know the best steps to create a similar flash display.  My guess is to create a graphic with the white background and any static informaton then layer and timeline the pics and text on the bottom half of that graphic in flash.  Sounds right?



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You can load images and text dynamically at runtime (that usually what I am doing)

But for rotation a text you must embed your font to FLA file
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This got me started though was a little above my head at times.  Thanks!