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InfoPath 2010 - Active Control in form with out being in edit mode

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I am running SharePoint 2010 and I am using InfoaPath 2010 to build my forms.

I would like to add a button or checkbox to one of my forms which I can click to change the view of a form but without clicking the 'Edit' button in the ribbon first.

Is that possible?

Thank you
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Not sure if you are in a list or have the form open.

Edit in the ribbom sounds like the SP ribbon.

To manipulate the InfoPath form it has to be open.
You can switch views with a button on the form. You can also switch view on load based on values in the form.

Not quite sure what you are asking though.


Hello Clayfox,

You are right my question is a little confusing. This is what I am trying to accomplish. I in a SP list and the content type in the list has several fields. One of these fields will contain lots and lots of text over time. We are talking about maybe 30 - 40 lines. So I am trying to find a solution for the issue that this field would create a very long form when you view a item. So since you can switch with a button between views I thought I would create two views, on does not display the field and the other one does. Then the user can choose if he wants to display the field or not.

I simply try to find a solution and the lines above describe my attempt but it does not work for me if the user first has to click on 'Edit' int he ribbon to even view the button.

Any thoughts or ideas to solve this issue are welcome.


Or another idea would be to enable the drop down menu to switch views within the ribbon of the InfoPath form even if it is in 'View' mode.


I did more research and it does not look like that there is any way to add a button to the form which is being used when viewing an item. I simply followed clayfox's idea to work with diffrent views.