How to copy folders and create a new project?

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I have a solution that consists of two (2) projects.  One of the projects is a library of functions (already written in C#) and the other is a program which will be created by me that uses those functions in the first project.  

The functions already exist in a series of folders, which I want to copy into VS as one project.  How do I do this?  (I know I can copy individual files, but was wondering if there was a way to copy the entire folder structure).  Also, when I do a copy now, I only get the files, not the containing folder, which I need also.

Hope this makes sense! :D
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This is always a tedious process for me. The files in a solution/project is contained in these xml files that VS is able to manage better than anything else it seems. So what I do is create a solution, say a webApplication then inside that webapp I will add my class libraries. The tedium comes when you I try to add the first project to the solution but after the first project is added then all I do is click the solution folder and  scroll down to "Add" and it gives the option to New Project or Existing Project

Create an Application. C://WebSite/MyWebApp Then
File>New Project>Web
Name=WebApplication1 (Change the name to anything you want)
Location=D:\WebSite\ (You want your New Project in "C://WebSite/MyWebApp"
Solution=Create new solution (click the dropdown arrow and select "Add to solution"
Solution name= WebApplication1

After you do this for the first time then you can right click the solution folder at the top of the Solution Explorer>Add>New Project or >Existing Project. (Existing Project you browse to an existing project and select it)


I was hoping there was another way ... RATS!

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