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xlDialogOpenText dialog use

I can't seem to get my VBA code to open the Text Import wizard in an Excel2003 environment.

It doesn't like any of the following:
Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpenText).Show (parmSelectedFolder & "\ImportFmt3.Txt")

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I've found old (Excel97) MS documentation stating that not all the enumerations work, but surely they've fixed that by now.
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Well, Application.Dialogs(xlDialogOpen).Show is opening the file open dialog but if you want to import a text file with xlDialogOpenText you have to specify a lot more parameters like these:
file_name, file_origin, start_row, file_type, text_qualifier, consecutive_delim, tab, semicolon, comma, space, other, other_char, field_info
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I need the user to supply some of the information to the opentext dialog wizard.  The problem I face is that sometimes, the user wants to override the (default) text import actions of the application.
Well, I think the issue is that you can't just launch the wizard though VBA, if you record a macro doing that, the result will be a "Workbooks.OpenText ..." piece of code.

You could present the user with a file selection dialogue like this:

filePath = Application.GetOpenFilename("CSV (Comma Delimited) (*.csv),*.csv", 1, "Select a file", , False)

Then followed by a Workbooks.OpenText ... with some default values set.

I'll try to to find you a method on launching the wizard but I doubt it is possible.

Yes.  I stated that I'd read the Excel97 KB article in my question.
I overlooked that! I don't think they intend to fix those, but can you not just use:

Unfortunately, there are no arguments for the xlDialogImportTextFile dialog.

In this case, I know the path and name of the file to be imported.  I want to present the user with the text import wizard without first requiring them to select the file.
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That seems to be the only work-around other that reinventing the import wizard or using a third-party component.