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I need to install AIX 7.1 on a 750.  The partition has got to be 32 cores with a VIOS.

I have configured a full partition, but never one with a VIOS

Can somepne please give me general instruction of how to install a VIOS on 1 or 2 of the cores, and how to partition the other 30 or so cores into an intact partition ?

Thanks in advance
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I started to try to reply... but this isn't something you can just type in a reply here.
google 'vio'

Here's some "light" reading...    -- HEA  -- powerVM -- more powervm

This is a subject where there are so many various options, it's a book, not a web post that gets you the answer.
not knowing how much you know about the VIOS and the HMC, the level of detail and pictures required to get you a usable answer is daunting.

Not to sound negative, it's great stuff, but it isn't plug-n-play.
There's a lot of numbers you need to tie together between the two lpars, information pulled form when you build the lpar on the HMC.
I have a lot of command line tools I use to pull information from the HMC and VIO, to tie lpar id to vhost#s, required later when you need to make the virutal devices for your client lpars.  but not something to try to explain here.

Sorry...  hope someone else has the answer for you.

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