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Listing the number of duplicated records on an Oracle table


I have a table with:

- Name
- Title
- endDate
- Description
- cdate

Name, Title and endDate are the primary key. If one of them is different, than a record is inserted.

However, since date is a timestamp, if I have it some seconds before or after a new record is created.

What I need to know is the duplicated records were Name and Title are exactly the same.

Something like this would only work when you need to deduplicate the values from one field.
I have 2 fields that needs to be exact.

SELECT     tablefield, COUNT(tablefield) AS dup_count
FROM         table
GROUP BY tablefield
HAVING     (COUNT(tablefield) > 1)

I need to diplay the following results per row/tuple :
- Name, Title and the number of occurences that they show if there are duplicates.

If I can determine that the count of Name.Titles being the same is greater than 1, then I have a duplicated record. How can I do that in Oracle?

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