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hi all,

I have a few radio buttons and need to save the selection value into a file using js / jquery ?

I would like the option to save it as a string which would be update if the user click another radio button..

Can anyone help please?

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dsackerContract ERP Admin/Consultant

You won't be able to save it to a file on the client machine unless you use ActveX, make a call to a server-side program, etc.

Can you save it as a cookie, or save it on a database?
nishant joshiTechnology Development Consultant

where you want to save a file on server or on a client?


I don't mind if it save on server or client
Web Application Programmer
If you are saving the data on client side, you can use cookies (keep in mind that user can disable or clear cookies, that is something the control of the programmer).

To save the data on server side, simple post to a page on your server either using AJAX or conventional form submit and capture the HTTP request data using what ever server side script you use and save it. Actual steps of capturing and saving data on server side will depend on the scripting language you use.

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