MegaCli only sees 1 of 2 Dell Perc 5i RAID cards

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I have an OpenFiler 64-bit storage box with 2 Dell Perc 5i adapters, which both work fine.  I am trying to set up monitoring for daily disk reports and failure alerts, but MegaCli64 only sees one of the adapters (Adapter #0) when I run MegaCli64 -AdpAllInfo -aALL.  If I try to explicitly query adapter 1 I get "User specified controller is not present."

Both cards are flashed with the same version of LSI firmware, 7.0.1-0075 and lspci shows both controllers.

Something I should mention is that I just pulled the binaries from the RPM package downloaded from the LSI website.  When I run MegaCli64 it complains...

OSSpecificInitialize: Failed to load ./ Please ensure that libsfs is present in the system.
The dependent library not available. Please contact LSI for distribution of the package

... but then gives the expected output, at least for Adapter 0.

Has anybody run into and resolved this issue?
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Megacli absolutely works with multiple HBAs.   I write LSI diagnostic and other code so am familiar with the source code of the API runtimes and enumeration logic.

Issue is that the discovery logic loads several runtime libraries, and the libsysfs runtime has some directory scanning code that isn't getting loaded, so it assumes no other controllers exist.   Suffice to say it is easy to get one controller, but a lot has to be done to scan the system for multiple enclosures.

Make sure you have both the 32 & 64 bit versions of the libsys runtime.  Also the megacli has several RPMs for runtimes relating to sas2 & sas1 drivers.  Make sure all of them are installed.   You probably just need the 64-bit runtime, but I don't keep up with the revision numbers, and at one point some of the libraries were 32-bit for the 64-bit code. That is why I say just install it.  If you were running something like RedHat then libsysfs would already be there.  I don't know what runtimes ship with openfiler.

But now you know what to look for.
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Clarification .. just install both 32 & 64 bit versions of runtime to be safe. You can then rename one of them if it works, and delete the unnecessary one later.

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