share drive issue in windows server 2003

ramachandraraju used Ask the Experts™

we have file server. many folders are shared for users. all users doesn't have any issue with accessing their data from server except one user.

he is able to do all the things one month before. after then he is having issue with accessing the data from the server.

he is able to access the data but its very slow. for example, he can work with his applications like excel files from his system, but if he open an excel file in the share drive its become very slow, around one min its taking to open the file. its for all the data in the share drives.
that user having share drives in 3 servers and all the share drives having the same issue. whereas the same folders which were shared to other users having no issue.

i cleared all the temp files, cookies and i changed the network cable, i reconnected the share drives, i did de-fragmentation, checkdisk. but the problem is same.

please help me.
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Maybe this problem occurs because the Distributed File System (DFS) client sends out redundant DFS referral requests.
try to download these hotfixes, 2003 version for server and xp for your client.


hi rybaa,
thanks for your response.

its not a DFS server, we used one server having windows server 2003 o/s as a file server (we created folders and gave sharing and security permissions of that folders).
OK Ramachandraraju, install the hotfixes anyway!
Check and verify that this user's DNS settings on the NIC are correct. I have found in the past, that if the DNS IP's are not pointing to the internal Windows DNS server(s), they will go the specified server in the NIC settings (usually a public DNS) and then fail back to NetBIOS. This will cause serious delays in share access.

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